ÉCLATANT [French: i-clair-ton] meaning; bright, brilliant and dazzling. 
The SUZII K Spring Summer 20 collection “ÉCLATANT” encapsulates the mood of an illustrious summer in Monaco, interlaced with a subtle but prominent influence of Grace Kelly. ÉCLATANT is a reflection of the tone of a summer well spent exploring the French Riviera - one of style, extravagance, curiosity & frivolity. Luxurious hotels, impeccable scenery, fast cars, super yachts, sun, sparkle and champagne. Elegant yet versatile and effortless silhouettes meet playful colours - inspired by an affluent summer.
Ranging from swimwear to headbands, dresses to blazers, tops to bottoms..
You'll never be out of step with the spring, summer season again!

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